LEARN-IP approach confirmed by EC publication

During the last years on European level there were several activities beside our LEARN-IP project on how to better promote the power of intellectual property rights. Do you know the last publication of the European Commission on it?

The EC publication “CCS ECOSYSTEMS Financing, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and wider Ecosystem support for Cultural and Creative Sectors – FLIP CONFERENCE CONCLUSIONS” (2020) dedicates a whole chapter on “IPR, including patenting & digital single market
developments”. It states in one of the recommendations “…there is clearly a need to promote awareness and literacy on IP and its value, particularly among individual creators and small/micro creative businesses. However, communication on these issues needs to be done in ways and using language that is understandable and adapted to creators and small business players. Collecting and exchanging good practices would certainly help. There is also a need to raise awareness about IP among financiers and more broadly to educate the general public about the value and importance of IP.”

What a confirmation for the LEARN-IP approach! The LEARN-IP training material focuses on literacy on intellectual property rights, targets all these small and micro businnesses in the cultural heritage and cultural tourism field which may not be able to finance consulting from one of the specialised law firms and has numerous good practices included.

So what keeps you from having a look on the free LEARN-IP training material available in six European languages?

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